+ What time do you serve alcohol until?

The bar stops serving drinks at 1am through the week and 3am friday and saturday.

+ Do you have to book?

It is not essential to book. If all the tables are full when you arrive then you will be booked into the next available slot on a games table and given a time to start playing

+ How much does it cost?

Our prices are available in the Prices & Info section and are charged per table, not per person.

+ Can we book beer pong?

Beer pong is first come first served

+ How much is Beer Pong

Beer Pong is Free for the table, you just buy 4 cans of Red Stripe from the bar to get your cups - now doing cider pong and prosecco pong

+ Can we book a table for food?

For any parties over 10 people please get in contact to discuss dining reservations, for general dining in the venue advanced bookings are not required but can be arranged.

+ What offers/discounts can we receive If we book?

We have offers available for food and drink which can be seen in our Prices & Info section. We do offer group prepaid packages.

+ What does the VIP room include?

The VIP room contains a pool table, beer pong battle station and a ping pong table

+ How many does the VIP room hold?

see out information section

+ How much does the VIP room cost?

  • £35 per hour for Ping Pong, Beer Pong & Pool

+ Do you show sports?

We are all about the interaction so we don’t have any TV screens. Enjoy the drink and the company.

+ What time do you stop serving food?

We stop serving food at 10pm everyday.

+ is there a dress code?

At Roxy we do not allow sports wear (including football shirts). Fancy dress is also a no go at our venue too.