frequently asked questions

  • Do you have to book?

    It is not essential to book. If all the tables are full when you arrive then you will be booked into the next available slot on a games table and given a time to start playing

  • Can beer pong be booked

    We don’t book out the beer pong tables, they are first come first serve and require you to purchase the drinks from the bar beforehand 

  • Can we book a table for food?

    For any parties over 10 people please get in contact to discuss dining reservations, for general dining in the venue advanced bookings are not required but can be arranged.

  • Is there a dress code?

    At Roxy we do not allow sports wear (including football shirts). Fancy dress is also a no go at our venue too.

  • Do you show any Live Sports?

    The venues that have TV’s and show live sports are Roxy Lanes Leeds Bond Street & Roxy Ball Room Liverpool Rainford Square

  • Is fancy dress allowed?

    We do allow fancy dress but only if it is done in a tasteful manner. If unsure about this then please drop us a message to discuss further

  • Are under 18’s allowed within the venue?

    Currently under 18’s are allowed before 5pm in Roxy Lanes Leeds Bond Street and Roxy Ball Room Liverpool Rainford Square

    NOTE: At Roxy Ball Room Liverpool Rainford Square the space is limited to the upstairs bowling alley’s only

  • Help! I’ve left my purse there! Lost Property Procedure

    Contact us with a description of the lost property, your contact details, Which venue you were in, which area within the venue and any other information that you can give.